Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we had to cancel what would have been an amazing and memorable Convention 2020.  As is our custom, we honor our graduating seniors at the Convention with a Rites of Passage Ceremony.  Since we could not do that this year, we still want to honor our wonderful seniors. Please meet, acknowledge, and enjoy our UBSUC Class of 2020 presented in this slide show. Congratulations to you all. We honor you and support you as you enter the next chapter in your life.

2017 State Convention in Los Angeles

The UBSUC has been dedicated to leadership and development of African American high school students for 46 years.

The purpose of the UBSUC is to promote the development of cooperative efforts among schools and communities, to perpetuate the opportunities for self, school, and community improvement, and to train and encourage leadership. 

Secretary: Zarriah Brown - Laguna Creek High School, Northern Region

President: Navy Blu Sims - Pioneer Valley High School, Southern Region

Sergeant at Arms: Kiley Kelly - Laguna Creek High School, Northern Region

Meet the 2020-21 State Youth Advisory Board

Treasurer: TBA

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and other activities supporting your bsu! 

stay tuned for information about our next state convention in 2021!

1st Vice President: Sophia Talley - Enochs High School, Central Region

Parliamentarian: Ty-Yhana Young - Dominguez High School, Southern Region


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

2nd Vice President: Akouavi Abok - Johansen High School, Central Region

Thank you to all the schools who participated in the 2019 UBSUC State Leadership Convention!

We had a great time and we hope to see you throughout the year at all the upcoming events!

UBSUC would like to acknowledge to those graduating seniors who have been involved in UBSUC for three or more years.  Special recognition goes to those students listed below:

*Miles Drew - Enochs High School (3 year Member, Central Region)

*Iyrish Edwards - South High School (4 year Member, Southern Region)

*Daysha Foster - Santa Maria High School, 4 year member, Southern Region)

*Ashley-Kristen Ovenia Smith - Heartland Charter School (4 year member, Southern Region

*Jose Sanroman - Pioneer Valley High School (4 year member, Southern Region)