Apply for the 2018 UBSUC Scholarship here!


About the UBSUC Scholarship

The United Black Student Unions of California is offers scholarships to deserving African-American high school seniors. Although emphasis will be on four-year institutions, students planning to attend two-year colleges and/or vocational or technical schools should be encouraged to apply. The amount of the awards will vary. In evaluating applications, the scholarship committee will consider grade point average, leadership ability, and the student’s service. The applicant must be in attendance at the UBSUC State Leadership Convention, in order to be eligible to receive the scholarship award. All information listed below must be completed before the deadline for the Scholarship Committee to consider your scholarship application.

Each student must:

1. Provide proof of attending 2 previous UBSUC conferences or conventions. (regional or state)

2. Complete the scholarship application. 

3. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation - One recommendation letter must be from the student’s BSU advisor.

4. Verify GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores by school counselor or registrar on application.

5. Submit an Official Transcript that includes senior semester grades.

6. Write a biographical statement including your educational aspirations and goals. Please write your name and school on all additional papers.

7. Must be registered and attend the 2018 Leadership Convention in Sacramento. 

Applicant is responsible for ensuring All scholarship material is emailed to: info@ubsuc.com, ON or BEFORE March 1, 2018.

Packages or any portion of scholarship application (i.e., letter of recommendations) not completed AND submitted on or before March 1, 2018, will be deemed ineligible.