​​Tentative Itinerary 

Registration opens

Opening Session


Lunch and Youth Board Election Speeches


Closing Session

2015 Northern Region Conference South Sac Christian Center

Registration Fees: 

Due to the inconvenience, we are waiving the Registration Fees; however, club fees are still due. 

Club Fees:

$50 per school club until January 17, 2019

$75 per school club after January 17, 2019

Please Note: If paying for Northern Region Conference by check or money order, please send your fees to prior to the due date of the fee:  

  UBSUC - Northern Region
  P.O. Box 233818

 Sacramento, CA 95823

Northern Region presents a Roundtable for our BSUs!!!

Sacramento Area ~ February 9, 2019 ~ American River College ~ 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.

Due to the Butte County fires, the Northern Region Conference was postponed. Due to the inconvenience we may have caused your BSU, we have planned a FREE Roundtable, you just need to register your school and students below. 

Northern Region Club Membership Fees
School/Club Name
Advisor Name/Email

  If your student is interested in petitioning to be on the Northern 

  Region Board and your club is a member of UBSUC, please fill out 

  the petition here!