Election Process 

1. Candidate’s credentials are reviewed. This means, is the application complete? Is the club registered? Is there an advisor at the conference, etc.

2. Each registered club gets 10 votes per office. If an adult is running for the adult board, and is not a club advisor, they also have 10 votes per office. This gives them the right to vote for themselves.

3. All candidates must give a brief speech at the conference. Adult candidates shall have all or p

art of their election petition read aloud at the advisor’s meeting.

4. After the speeches, schools will be allowed to caucus. This means that the candidates and their campaign committee will circulate to meet members and ask for their club’s support, and answer any questions they may have. Please sit with your club at this time, unless you are campaigning.

5. All delegates return to their club and decide how many of their BSU’s votes each candidate will receive. You can give any amount from 0 to 10. You can give all 10 to a single candidate, or split your vote. Students decide, not the advisors. After the school caucusing, all candidates leave the room.

(Note:  this change allows the candidates to vote for themselves)​

6. After your school votes on the single ballot sheet and gets it signed by your advisor, a representative from your BSU (with a loud and clear speaking voice) will go to the front to announce their school’s vote during roll call. They will say.........

“ Madam Chairman (or  Mr. Chairman), ___ High School casts its votes as follows:”

Adult ballots shall be tallied by a neutral appointed committee, and announced when the youth results are announced.

7. Please do not announce that you gave a candidate “zero” votes. Only announce the candidates that received your support and votes.

8. All ballots are to be destroyed after the election announcement.

9. The highest ranking youth or adult officer (not running) shall perform the installation of officers.

10. The president elect will officially close the session. “I now declare that this UBSUC Northern Region Prof
essional Leadership & Election Conference is officially closed.”