Leadership starts with how we present ourselves. Check out some dress code information below.

State Conference Registration Fees

Do you think your club is BSU of the Year! Apply Here for your BSU's chance to win at the 2018 State Leadership Convention! 

~ By February 22, register and pay for 10 participants,

pay only $45 Club Fee!

Registration fees can be paid by school check, cashier's check/money order, or PayPal (fee applies to PayPal payments)

Room with 4 people: $215.00 pp

Room with 3 people: $235.00 pp

Room with 2 people: $280.00 pp

Room with 1 person: $400.00 pp

If you are paying by school check or money order, please send your payment to:

UBSUC, PO Box 233818, Sacramento, CA 95823

as soon as possible to ensure proper planning for your BSU.

Convention Fees at a Glance

UBSUC State Leadership Convention TENTATIVE Itinerary

March 29-31, 2018
Marriott Bakersfield and CSU Bakersfield

Friday, March 29

3-5:00 pm Registration
6:00 pm Dinner Begins
6:30 pm Program begins

Saturday, March 30

8:00 am Travel to CSUB
8:30 am Breakfast at CSUB
9:15 am Program and workshops begin at CSUB
4:00 pm Travel to hotel
6:00 pm Scholarship Banquet begins
12:00 am Return to Rooms/Lights Out

Sunday, March 31

8:30 am Breakfast @ hotel
9:00 am Program begins
11:30/12 pm Program concludes

Early Registration Incentive!!

The 2018 State Leadership Convention Registration IS NOW CLOSED!

Join us at our next State Convention,

"The Color of Tomorrow,"

in Bakersfield, CA, March 29-31, 2019!

Courtyard Marriott Cal Expo and Sac State !! 

Leadership starts with how we behave. Check out the UBSUC Rules for the Convention.

State Club Membership Fees

To attend State Convention, you must do the following:

1. Fill out and turn in the proper District forms to attend the State Convention, to get approval and request payment through your school/district process.

2. Fill out the UBSUC Google Registration Form.

3. Make a Payment through school check/money order and/or PayPal.

4. Ensure your students are aware of the dress code and participant code of conduct. 

5. Ensure your transportation is secured.

6. Work on your school's Roll Call chant.