​  The UBSUC is a membership organization, comprised of Black Student Union school clubs across the State of California. Membership I

   open to high school age clubs whose purpose and objectives are in agreement with the constitution and by-laws of the United Black

  Student Unions of CA. 

All BSUs will:

 Prepare students to encounter the workforce
 Teach viable options after high school

 Prepare students to students to be responsible in society
 Demonstrate the importance of giving back to the community
 Teach students the importance of being productive citizens and leaders
 Teach African American history and demonstrate how history relates today


  The UBSUC shall seek to accomplish its purpose by hosting regional conferences and an annual convention committed to hearing     

  speakers, attending workshops to discuss educational, political, and social concerns, touring colleges and universities, and to provide

  scholarships for members seeking post-secondary education. 

 United Black Student Unions of California Creed

We will work toward a positive future for ourselves and our community
 We will strive to achieve academic excellence
 We will work to bring about a positive environment/impact for our school and regions.
 We understand that we are the deciding factor in our victory or defeat
 We will treat any obstacle or short coming as a temporary setback as we work for a   better future
 We are the members of UBSUC Northern, Central and Southern, 
and we take this  responsibility as an honor and with dedication.


About Us